Kaitlyn Marie Anderson

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Kaitlyn Marie Anderson
Biographical information
Homeworld Lorrd
Date of birth 22:1:12 (27 years old)
Family Lara (mother), Dav (father)
Physical description
Species Human (Lorrdian)
Gender Female
Height 1.75 metres
Weight 63 kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye colorHunter Green
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Specialist, First Class
Titles Rebel Squadrons' Special Forces, Demolitions Expert

New Republic Intelligence Biographical Report

Subject: Kaitlyn Marie Anderson

Subject born in Lorrd City on 22:1:12 to parents Lara and Dav. Flagged early by Special Operations due to repeated school experiments involving explosives wherein more common materials and equipment were used to create class B and A explosive devices. Records show thirty two citations for illegal explosives use during her senior year. Removed from school after two dangerous incidents involving bodily harm to other students. Arrested several times for explosive based violations and crimes including larceny and breaking and entering. Enlisted into the Task Force Republic Shield's academy shortly after the battle of Endor, after being offered a 'clean slate' for service within Spec Ops.

Subject went through two years of training on Blerthmore along with the rest of her academy class, and graduated with honors. As a specialist, she was outfitted with a field pack custom chosen for her normal mission needs. Republic Shield records show that her first mission for the task force was on the closing day of the Cadrel Expanse conflict in 42:3:25; wherein she was part of a commando force sent to sabotage an Imperial Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser attempting to flee the battle area. Subject utilized field tools and random weapons picked up during the mission to create improvised explosive devices; since her own had already been expended in breaching the cruiser's hull. After successfully sabotaging the engines of the vessel with the IEDs; the team made their way off the cruiser and back to friendly starships. She received a commendation for her tactics; and was reassigned to Grim Scythe company, 7th platoon, 2nd squad, onboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Redemption.

She served on board the Redemption for two tours before being reassigned to Zealot special operations under the command of Fleet Admiral Cody Qel-Droma. In the ensuing months, she has distinguished herself with use of high explosive and improvised weaponry in order to complete her missions. She has been decorated, and reprimanded on several occasions for her use of such devices in frequently haphazard situations. Information on her tours is highly classified, but it has been noted that Specialist Anderson's personality and behavior changed dramatically upon the completion of the second tour where her unit was involved with a joint mission with the Allegiance Battle Group. She has served under several different flags even while primarily reporting to Zealot, including a tour in the Subterrel Strike Force. During the Subterrel conflict, subject seemed to slip in and out of 'episodes' of depression followed by intense euphoria during missions, which led to her being stripped of her commission and confined to the medical bay on board the Unforgiven. There seems to have been no medical explanation for her episodes, however due to mounting losses to Zealot during the Subterrel Conflict, she was reinstated on special orders. Subject became a recluse, and did not talk to anyone in the unit, but performed her duties with diligence; and on more than one occasion risked life and limb to rescue a member of Zealot.

After the Subterrel Conflict, subject remained in Zealot as they transferred to their new command ship, the Zealot, a modified Liberator-class Cruiser, and were dispatched to the Aurora sector after the defection of the Aurora fleet. After repeated tours of duty under Zealot, subject seems to have a significantly more stable personality, and was chosen specifically to be one of a few Republic Shield personnel to be dispatched on an infiltration mission to Lithra. Subject's mission on Lithra is to infiltrate The Lithran Resistance and gather contacts and intelligence for Zealot's eventual use. Additional objectives involve destroying Titan assets, and several reports have been made listing significant damage to Titan infrastructure.

End Biographical Report.

Personality and Traits

Kaitlyn is a no-frills kind of person, and performs her duties as quickly and as efficiently as possible, with little tolerance for delay or unnecessary conversation. Her temper is akin to her job -- explosive, and she will typically use small pyrotechnic or explosive displays to accent her points. These displays have included destroying the personal quarters of those who slight her, and on more than one occasion damaging RS assets to as a form of revenge.

She finds most people to be untrustworthy, and tends to act alone on missions; only teaming up and supporting others if necessary to the completion of her objectives. That said she has a perverse feeling of loyalty, and even when acting alone will go out of her way to protect anyone she sees as a member of her 'team'.

Standard Mission Load-out by Location

  • Black two-piece adaptive-climate controlled body glove
  • Polarized Combat Headset
    • Combat HUD Overlay
    • Infrared Scanner
    • Ultraviolet Scanner
    • Visual Magnification Overlay
  • Right/Left Ear Piece Buds
    • Linked to Herzfall Corporation DH107 Comlink in combat fatigues
    • Linked to mobile audio player in combat fatigues
  • Reinforced Plasteel Blast Vest
  • Combat Fatigues, pocket contents include:
    • DH107 Comlink (Right Breast pocket)
    • Mobile audio player (Right Breast pocket)
    • Fusion Cutter (Left Breast pocket)
    • Multitool Knife (Left Breast pocket)
    • Tube of Thermite Gel (Left Flank pocket)
    • Blasting Caps (10) (Left Flank pocket)
    • Remote Blasting Caps (10) (Left Flank pocket)
    • Timed Detonators (3) (Left Flank pocket)
    • Demolitions Wire (Right Flank pocket)
    • Demolitions Tape (Right Flank pocket)
    • Remote Detonator (Right Flank pocket)
    • Defuse/Wiring Kit (Stomach Pocket)
    • One Centimeter Cube of Detonite (10) (Stomach Pocket)
    • Blaster Cleaning Kit (Stomach Pocket)
  • Black Stormtrooper Belt
    • Four Spare Power Packs
    • New Republic Identification
    • Backup Comlink (ISTC Issue)
    • Filtering Vaporator Canteen (1000 mL)
    • Four Packs of Emergency Rations
    • SyntheRope Dispenser (60 meters)
    • Folding Grapple Hook
    • Two Mini Ion Flares
    • Mini Thermal Flare
    • Mini Glow Rod
    • Fragmentation Grenade (Clipped, right hip, in front of holster)
    • Fragmentation Grenade (Clipped, left hip, in front of holster)
  • Right Hip Primary Holster
    • BlasTech E-11/F Blaster Rifle
  • Left Hip Secondary Holster
    • BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol
  • Light Composite Plate Armor (Biceps, Forearms)
  • Black Syntheleather Gloves
  • Combat Fatigues
    • Spare Datacards (4) (Right Hip pocket)
    • Otherwise Empty, usually filled with 'liberated' items mid-mission
  • Light Composite Plate Armor (Shins, Knees)
  • Magnetic Gripton Combat Boots
    • Anti-Shock Padding
    • Anti-Slip Tread
  • Black Combat Pack (Used on Missions)
    • Proton Grenades (4)
    • Concussion Grenades (2)
    • Fragmentation Grenades (4)
    • Thermal Detonators (Class D) (2)
    • Thermal Detonator (Class C) (1)
    • Ion Grenades (2)
    • Five Cubic Centimeter block of Detonite
    • Anti-Personnel Proximity Mines (2)
    • Heavy Breaching Charge (2)
    • Medium Breaching Charge (4)
    • Light Breaching Charge (8)
  • Large Black Duffel Bag
    • When off duty, contains her explosives along with her personal effects