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Modern proposal

This one's now underway with preparatory coding.


  • General participation (personal contributions)
  • Personal leadership (assisting others to make contributions)
  • Club leadership (working with concepts to make overall changes)

  • LJG: general prep
  • 2Lt: general
  • 1Lt: general
  • Capt: general; leadership prep
  • Major: general; leadership
  • LCM: general; leadership
  • CMDR: leadership; general
  • LCL: leadership; club prep; general
  • COL: leadership; club; general

Linked to-do list

i.e. items that need to be completed before a certain item above will be effective

  1. Missions Database - fix log in problem (does not recognize person is logged into RS site)
  2. Missions Database - confirm reporting process; add approval process if it doesn't already exist
  3. Missions Database - appoint team to oversee reports
  4. Missions Database - add merits functionality; confirm entire process
  5. Missions Database - add more missions (currently: 536 XW, 107 XvT, 57 XWA, 1 EaW)

Questions to consider

  • Task-based list, or integer-based list? (or maybe even both - have an integer-based list be a component of a task-based list)
  • which activities to focus on first? All activities require extensive coding to bring up to spec with the new system.


Rank Min. time in rank Merits needed Accomplishments needed
2nd Lieutenant None 25 BP Ribbon
1st Lieutenant None 50 Education-RS 2, 3 types of General
Captain 1 week 125 leadership test or advanced RS test?, two more different activities, specific reqs (5 forum posts, 3 IRC appearances, things like that)
Major 1 week 300 5 academy courses (incl. one "difficult"), more?
Lieutenant Commander 2 weeks 500
Commander 2 weeks 750 one recommendation from COL+
Lieutenant Colonel 2 weeks 1250 two rec's from COL+
Colonel 1 month 2000 three rec's from COL+

As additional incentive ... a merits competition?

Top 5 merit-earners in each month are honored in the SotRS and awarded the Spiffy Medal (name TBD). A career ranking will be kept of top earners each month-- a sort of meta-merit in which 1st place in a month earns 6 points, 2nd place earns 4, etc. And then, at the end of the year, a Super-Spiffy Medal for the overall top five, and top five in meta-merit? And a Super-Duper-Spiffy Medal for the overall winner? Oh the possibilities abound!



  • x amount of time as Wing CO, Squadron CO, etc.
CO of a unit 10-50 per month Like a salary, perhaps? Predetermined rate upon appointment, with possibility for raising or lowering? Based on the person's HIGHEST command position, and that alone. Wing COs should be somewhere near the 20s, squad around 10; with higher values being reserved for GOOD COs.
XO of a unit 7-37 per month See above. Set by unit CO, but cannot exceed 75% of the CO's "salary". See note(s) with CO.
SO of a unit 5-25 per month See above. Set by unit CO, but cannot exceed 50% of the CO's "salary". See note(s) with CO.
Executive offices 10-30 As assigned by FC or head of that office


  • Official missions (fleet, wing, or squadron ok)
  • Narratives of sufficient quality and length
  • (ABG) Campaign or sim creation
  • Competition creation (especially RS-Wide, but others ok too)
  • Submission of accepted idea for improvement or something new


A certain number of merits will be awarded for each level completed in a course.

(see also skills system, skills, academy courses)

Level Merits Total merits
1 5 5
2 5 10
3 5 15
4 10 25
5 15 40
6 20 60
7 25 85
8 30 115
9 35 150
10 50 200

Star Wars

Skills particular to a knowledge of Star Wars (starfighters, SW history, etc.)

Rebel Squadrons

Knowledge of RS history and lore, operations (history, finer points of bylaws, etc.)


Skills transferable to the "real world" (html editing, narrative writing, etc.)

Online tools (Wiki, Forums, IRC, ...?)
Javascript, AJAX, dynamic sites


Ability in games, and creative ability for games (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, XvT mission making, etc.)

  • X-Wing
  • TIE Fighter
  • X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
  • X-Wing Alliance




The Rebel Squadrons encourages community; it's one of the key factors that draws people into the experience and brings them back again and again. This section is meant to encourage and reward communication using the RS site, but not meaningless communication. We do not want your communication to be blatantly only for the purpose of earning merits - it's fine if that is a part of the motivation, but the real reason is to talk to other RSers. For that reason, the number of merits one can earn from each item is limited, but repeatable after a relatively small amount of time.

All daily counters reset at 5am EST. All weekly counters reset at 5am EST Sunday.

Merits Awardable Item
1 1/day (IRC) 15 minutes in RS B&G (does not need to be consecutive)
1 1/day (IRC) 10 lines spoken in RS B&G (gibberish spoken solely for this purpose will disqualify earning points this way for the next week, at the discretion of supervising officers)
1 5/week (Forums) 1 post or reply on any "Rebel Squadrons" (general discussion) forum (note: very short replies to posts to get this point, such as only saying "lol", are greatly discouraged.)
2 2/week (News) 1 comment on a RS news post (general or unit-specific); second comment per week must be on a different post
1 1/week (Email) 1 email to a RS member (not yourself!) using the RS email tool
2 1/week (PM) 1 private message to a RS member using the RS tool (generally underused by RSers)

Other types

Update the RS wiki 1-10 Points assigned by wiki supervisor?
Improvements/updates to websites 5-20 Points assigned by Internet Office?
Competitions (various) ? See Competitions -- points to be specified in each competition.
Competitions (creating) A Metric Assload Points to be awarded by OO?

To add:


These merits may only be awarded by the Command Staff of the unit for activities that are part of the regular operations for that unit.

Level Merits earned Total
1 10 10
2 15 25
3 20 45
4 25 70
5 30 100
6 50 150
7 75 225
8 100 325
9 125 450
10 150 600

Please see the listing for each unit for instructions on how to earn internal merits.

Stuff from 2007

A new RS-wide merit system is the centerpiece of a new proposal that seeks to extend the successes of Beginner's Path (BP) to a much grander scale. It will provide a clear path for RSers to ascend to the rank of Colonel by following prestated objectives and thus provide the impetus for the first major portion of their RS career.

In the past year of use, BP has shown itself to be a valuable addition to the club; many new members have stated that they enjoyed it, and retention, in the beginning stages, has increased. However, overall retention has not demonstrably improved. A large part of the problem is that, after the clarity of BP, promotions become uncertain and the RS may seem more dull, especially when there is no obvious outlet for extra energy. We offer this solution to the problem: the concept of a unified RS merit system and integration of every unit into a linked whole, combined with a far greater array of opportunities for members to contribute outside of their unit's main activity.

The central part of the system is "levels", where a member must earn level 1 in a particular unit or skill, then level 2, and so on up to 10, the maximum. Unit "levels" are determined by each unit and will likely be based on that unit's merit system; e.g. when a member reaches "Jedi Knight" in PBF, they become "level 10" in the PBF and are awarded the appropriate number of merits. Skill "levels" will be determined by the reformed Academy and awarded in a variety of categories, such as "TIE Fighter missionmaking", "Empire at War tactics", "RS History", and so on. These will be attainable by taking courses relating to each of these topics; they will be worth much less than the unit merit "levels", because they will take less time, but the plan is for there to be many skill levels available to pursue.

The supplemental component of the system will be "general" merits, attainable by one-time activities. The available items will range widely across the spectrum of RS activities and are intended to be available at all times. A new focus on internal competitions, overseen by an office such as the Operations Office, will allow for regular variety, while areas such as the simulator database will permit extended personal endeavors. An additional possibility is for each command position to be assigned a certain "pay rate", a number of merits that is awarded to the member each month for successful service in command.

The main purpose of earning these merits will be to work towards future promotions. Each promotion will require a certain number of merits earned, each more than the last. As with the current system, a certain length of time will also be required since the previous promotion, but somewhat shortened from current rates to allow for the truly zealous member. As well, members will be required to spread their activity across multiple areas, and have acquired certain "skills" from the Academy--such as leadership, RS history, and so on--in order to earn their next promotions. These requirements are intended to ensure that the member's experience is broadened and that their promotion is not earned merely by, say, playing 1000 multiplayer matches. As a final requirement--one intended to promote interaction between members, as well as for validation--those seeking to attain the upper ranks (CMDR, LCL, COL) will need one or more recommendations from active members ranked Colonel or higher in order to advance.

We intend to provide a clear but fairly arduous path that any member may take to reach the rank of Colonel. At the conclusion of the path the member should be fully versed in the atmosphere and methods of the RS and be prepared to continue their career into the ranks of General and beyond. By that time they should realize that further ranks can be earned readily through their own commitment, ethic, and effort, and have realized the full enjoyment of being a part of the Rebel Squadrons.


Please see RS-wide merit examples for some practical situations and their subsequent rewards.


To make this proposal a reality, the following task list should be completed:

  • Simulator database
    • Gaming: Add set of initial missions for TIE, XvT, XWA (and more?).
    • Website: Complete administrator functionality, ensure smooth operations.
  • Academy
    • Courses: Create/add initial set of courses.
    • Instructors: Assemble roster of initial instructors for each available course.
    • Website: Complete course administration, integrate with RS profiles and "skills" listings.
  • Competitions
    • Administration: Appoint personnel in charge of operations, prepare initial selection of competitions.
    • Website: Adapt "Funpoints" code for use by office.
  • High Command
    • Bylaws: Pass changes allowing for lesser times between promotions for ranks up through Colonel.
    • "Levels": Each command staff needs to prepare a system that defines the "levels" achievable in their unit.
  • Internet Office
    • In addition to the above duties: creation of a merit award tracking system, programming of fleet and skill "levels", modification of the promotions system, full featured merit viewing system, and other work likely to arise from this project.

Original proposal

7 February 2006

Currently being worked on is the Beginner's Path, in which a system for tracking a new member's initial activities (or at least those that will encourage future activity and/or are required to progress into RS by graduating from an academy) and awarding points; what do points mean? prizes! or in this case, being promoted to the junior ranks availalble to a new member.

I propose this system be extended; the functionality will already be there, so the initial work in some respects will already be done.

What do I mean by extended? Well, simply put, link all the newly proposed systems (Academy courses, Missions system and Mission building) as well as current activity systems (ITOD participation, M-player participation, Competition (external and internal) participation) to the Beginner's Path system.

For every mission reported on in the Missions system, for every ITOD flown etc. automatically award a member pre-determined rankPointsâ„¢ (working title :P).

Allow command staff to award rankPoints™ manually (although the amount can still be pre-determined if desired) for other activities such as website design/construction/muchosMaintenance™, aggressive recruitment, running a bunch of ABG sims, being an active CO at some level (lower than those awarding the points obviously) etc.

Additionally a ranking of those who attained the most rankPointsâ„¢ per week or month could be posted on the site, with those attaining considerabley more than they usually do being noted in NLs and SotRS (that is assuming it goes back to it's usual format :s).

Allow individuals to view thier own and command staff to view those members under them's rankPointsâ„¢ total. While the number would not be a deffinitive statement on when people should be promoted and/or receive medals, it can be used as a fairly accurate gauge; indeed, people's attitudes are certainly something to consider, with those who are anti-social, those who are obesessed with attaining rankPointsâ„¢ over all else (i.e. quality of work, stepping on people's toes etc.) being held back intentionally and told as much/why.

Every time someone is promoted these rankPointsâ„¢ can be either cashed in, or left to continue growing (an analogy between it and experience point systems in RPG games might be geeky, but accurate, you can have either or in both cases) - clarification: that's an either/or decision to be made for the system's design, should it be implemented.


It's gone 5am here, so hopefully all of that makes sense :P.. anyways, such a system, I believe, will give members an insentive to participate, clear recognition of what they've done, ensure that members are not passed over for promotion and give a centeral core of 'activity rating' that can be extended upon and is more accurate than what we currently have.

--General Wes "Gizmo" Belden