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Member Profile
Career Information
Callsign Olias
Full RS Name Olias
Rank Captain
Join September 19th, 2006
Current Status Active
Current Station CRS Ad Astra
Current Command Positions Resurrection XO
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Alderaan
Species Alderaanii
Gender Male
Age 23
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Argentina
Age 27

Major Olias, Resurrection XO, has served in the RS since Sep 19, 2006.



This story begins in a very long time ago far, far away.......in a galaxy where the Dark Lord of the Sith takes control of her with Darth Vader as his aprendice, at the end of the clones wars, just when the Jedy order was almost exterminated.

olias, the character of this biography was always a beliver on truth and justice for all the species wich sorround him, and wich he comunicated, and lived in armony with all them in his planet Alderaan.....

Facinated with starships, vehicles, and starfigther since he could remember, always was wondering to fly across the galaxy and piloting a starship, or a galactic transport, or anything wich can be flyble pacefully, because he never had the valenty to join any tipe of army, starship troops or any kind of starfigther force wich were always requirements pilots because of the Clone Wars, but knowing he was a great pilot, he started to work as one in a commercial starship´s line, carrying passenger and others things that we can better not said, but nothing to far from legal.

He was awared about the terrible and dark times the galaxy was, but he always though if he didn´t disturb the Empire nothing bad must hapend to him or his family and friends, he only wanted to live quiet.

He din´t like the Empire, but they did´nt have done something to him and that he cars........... But the events at his galaxy, will changed his life, specially because wath happened in Alderaan.

Alderaan was one of the earliest supporters of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, though its officials prudently kept all ties to the Rebellion covert.

olias was born in Alderaan and live there many years, but because of his job he started to be less time there, although he managed to visit his family and friends there, when he found time.

But suddenly as i said, he sees involved in this dark moment for all the habitants on the different planets of the galaxy.

The dark time comes for olias too, a few years after he started his work, during a transport of bacta to Mos Eislei, one of the largest spaceports on Tatooine, the Death Star unleashed all the power of it prime weapon, a super laser and with a single blast, Alderaan was reduced to rubble, and its population, numbering in the millions, was killed in the blast. No one of his family and friends survived.

So when olias knew the terrible final of Alderaan, only one thing he puts on his mind......this situation with the Empire now is changed, the dead of those million its to much price for keeping controling the galaxy, and the Empire will pay.

During his voyages throug the galaxy, working, he didn´t have much contact with the Rebel Alliance, because he though it will dangerous, and provably bring to him some troubles, but now joinig the rebelion is the only way to stop the brutallity, and injustice the Empire puts in the galaxy.

The only purpose for him now is to make justice for all who habited at Alderaan.

So after a few years figthing against The Empire, also in the Battle of Endor, he has now the duty and the honor of flying in the Intrepid Battle Group.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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