Resurrection Squadron

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Resurrection Squadron
General Information
Founder(s) (Unknown)
Leader BGN Nicolai Ginofev
Notable members
Locations Subterrel Sector
Historical Information
Founding (Unknown)
Other Information
Assigned to MC80 Star Cruiser Ad Astra
Part of Subterrel Strike Force


Resurrection Squadron, or Rza, was arguably the most legendary multiplayer squadron in the RS. During Minos, IronMan and others in the squadron led the RS to victory. Before it's original retirement, there were two incarnations of "Rza": the original XvT squadron in RgF, and the SWG squadron, which had also made a name for itself. The SWG version of Rza contained many of the pilots of Rza's past, including its SWG CO, Cody Qel-Droma, and its most (in)famous member, Lucas Stark, The IronMan. Rza's fame was known wherever people talked of famous pilots of the Rebellion and skill in starfighter combat. Although retired the squadron was reassigned and bought back to active duty in 2014 as part of squadron amalgamations.


Current Roster

Historic Roster - 21 December 2014

One Flight

Two Flight

Three Flight

  • Resurrection 9: None
  • Resurrection 10: None
  • Resurrection 11: None
  • Resurrection 12: LGN Markus Jarnhann

Training Flight

  • Resurrection 13: CDT Rax Trellik
  • Resurrection 14: None
  • Resurrection 15: None
  • Resurrection 16: None

Historic Roster - VSG, 30 March 2010

Vector Flight

Spirit Flight

Freedom Flight

Historic Roster - VSG, 17 February 2009

Vector Flight

Spirit Flight

Freedom Flight

Historic Roster - VSG, 22 September 2007

Historic Roster - RgF, 01 August 2006

Historic Roster - RSPA, 12th February 2006

Historic Roster - RgF roster, 20 October 2004

RSPA Past Members of Significance

Resurrection Squadron Website - Current Site