Greeop Sector

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An Outer Rim sector in the galactic-south quadrant of the galaxy, measuring roughly 270 parsecs across. The sector contains roughly 464,000 stars in over 324,000 star systems. Fifty-eight star systems were inhabited, with several thousand others habitable to humans, though most of those were marginal for colonization for some reason or another. The Greeop Sector contained 67 inhabited planets and 13 inhabited moons. Another feature f the Greeop Sector is its nebulae, particularly the anomalie-ridden Aurora Nebula between the Greeop and Aurora Sectors, and the Greeop Nebula and its corresponding star cluster.

The Rimma Trade Route runs through the sector, as do several minor hyperlanes which branch off the Rimma. These routes include the Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard, which leads into Wild Space beyond the New Republic's borders; and the Greeop Trail, which serves as a 'backdoor' into the central system of the Greeop Sector.

Most of the worlds are New Republic members, although there are a total of five star systems in the sector which are outside New Republic control: 1 Imperial, 1 occupied by the Clans (the Eridani system, 2 belonging to the Qu'anae Imperium, and 1 is independent.

Neighboring sectors include the Elrood Sector galactic-spinward (or coreward) of the sector; the Minos Cluster galactic-antispinward (or rimward) of the sector; the Kola and Kiaren Sectors lie to the galactic-east (galactic-spinward and galactic-antispinward, respectively), the Kola Sector lies in New Republic space while the Kiaren Sector is held by the Clans; and Aurora Sector to the galactic-west, inside Imperial territory.

A popular saying in the Greeop Sector is "welcome to the galactic backwater, bitches!"


Other Planets

Space Stations


Other Stellar Bodies

  • Ridley - neutron star - pulsar