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Last updated 24 November 2011


Standing orders

  1. Solve urgent website issues as they arise
  2. Fly all current missions in X-Wing series

Planned projects

  1. Renovate skills, mission building academy, ComTacs, Academy, and so forth into a comprehensive "skills" system
  2. Set up XvT multiplayer hub. spread RS XvT Mission Pack around?



  1. Fleet addresses: /roster/fleet?VSG
  2. Get the exec fleet looking nicer -- get more options in there for displays.
  3. Fly Missions Database missions, get that jump-started
  4. Check missions database rating & reviewing systems - and reporting, too
  5. Missions Database: ground rules and a few missions/levels for each applicable game
  6. Continue updating activities


  1. fix RS gallery: Adhemar Voltin #1; James StarGazer #2; Joak Drysso
  2. status updates (Dave's idea) on main page etc.
  3. Heavy's email archive tools idea
  4. News site: "Save as draft" doesn't work properly
  5. nav bars: the logged-out version, which still isn't fly-out.
  6. update the X-Wing information website to reflect current status
  7. Uniforms revamp, with medals, ribbons, etc. (ongoing!) -- update medalpriority order.
  8. customized 404 page -- now, way of organizing the info
  9. find 404 errors and fix
  10. "I am interested in news for X activity" feature
  11. keep grabbing flagged emails and dealing with them
  12. - get donations link more prominent
  13. get in touch with Snap about donations paypal (for Joak or others)


  1. update IO website
  2. create a TeamSpeak page
  3. the option to switch to a non-fly-out bar (if people want this) -- User:Licah Fox/main site nav bars redesign
  4. ABG cache at
  5. Bar and Grill policy, RS Bar and Grill articles
  6. fix left nav bar issue on short pages for all designs (as with #4)
  7. Finish the new ITOD reporter (need to figure out files/attachments storage, parameters, and so on.) -- integrated mission reporter -- ITOD revamp (facilitation only)
  8. revisit PBF end of tour medals stuff - see if Spokes emailed about this - it might be too long ago now to worry about
  9. Find out what's up with ShadowDude
  10. BP: Write script that recalculates all past earned points (actives AND inactives?) and notes new ribbons to be earned.
  11. get in touch with Himm
  12. finally write bio for Licah?
  13. create IC/OOC image templates for wiki and apply templates to sample wiki article
  14. Check out melee edit profile problem (See doc "melee-psa")
  15. check if anything from doc "root cancellation" needs work
  16. RS World Project - coding. I seem to start these type of things and never finish them
  17. VSG merits calculator (facilitation only)
  18. squadron news
  19. Skills system for XvTed academy
  20. PBF: follow up end-of-tour medals, website, COs list
  21. write new blog post?
  22. begin working on book material (table of contents; begin research) -- rough draft of book -- book: much research (convert into blog posts!)
  23. try yet again to fix MrBot reconnection issues
  24. "Complete" MrBot
  25. lego star wars:
  26. Website and bot support for ICTE or ORW type system
  27. remove database redundancy with squadron CS positions
  28. RS-wide merits concept (at least enough to begin coding) -- RS-wide merits code
  29. RS Ladder (like LIC but broader, for all games)
  30. Academy code
  31. write back to Vender about restructuring
  32. write blog post about achieving goals, doing what you set out to
  33. Academy: set up at least the few core courses
  34. Try Talyn's game (maybe set up link on RS site somewhere?)
  35. investigate creation of a Competitions hub
  36. redo help page (topics not needed; point to appropriate venues)
  37. redo "about the website"
  38. potential new home page modules -- create home page module support -- User:Licah Fox/home page modules
  39. finish thoroughly quickname script. Done (w/o testing): promotions; todo: name changes, direct rank edits, new profile creations, more?

Other stuff

Best draws...

  1. EaW clan -,

Other draws...

  1. SWG club - best advertised in-game; a few places possible to advertise- - - but these seem old and unused. Guild is self-sufficient in-game.
  2. RS ITOD immersive experience - but almost no one would go out looking for this; it's only after joining one realizes its power
  3. Console/pc gaming? What can we do? The only real way to make this viable is to get a significant number of people playing with the (RS) tag and thus get our name out. We'll need some kind of lure for them - SWG uses in-game rewards. We don't have financial resources to offer rewards that would require money; our only immediate offer can be other members' skills. And we don't yet have that underlying structure.
  4. Star Wars club type stuff - competitions, merits, courses, etc. - but these are things to keep people, not draw them.

(ABG does not want advertising.)

In conclusion:

The nature of the RS is such that we do not focus on anything for which people go out and look, generally, but rather an out-of-game experience centered on community and in-character roleplaying. Therefore, we need to focus on "hooking" people (which Beginner's Path does pretty well) and providing them with reasons to stay beyond whatever reason that brought them here.

Rough sketch of proposed trajectory of new members:

  1. (CDT-2LT) Joins - is put on Beginner's Path - learns to navigate
  2. (2LT-MAJ) First activity possibilities - earning points for courses, missions, competitions, communication is more than good enough
  3. (CPT-CMDR) Responsibility asked - upper academy courses, assist in an executive office, squadron or wing CS, forums discussion input
  4. (CMDR-COL) Fairly accustomed to responsibility - squadron/wing CS, well versed in history/activities of at least one unit, in charge of some aspect of executive work (e.g. tacops, one game of missions database, one area of competitions)
  5. (COL-GEN) High responsibility - instrumental to the operation of a unit, executive office task, or equivalent, and has demonstrated at least good leadership and responsibility.
  6. (GEN-FA) Club service - work has positively affected multiple units or areas of the RS over a period of time.

Mission Database runs

Per mission:

  1. Fly based on information given (in-game briefing) -- use second run if first one fails due to pilot error
  2. Write review & rate based on first run and its results
  3. Pick apart mission and study how to get a very high score
  4. Fly a few more times until near-target score is achieved
  5. Write final review & rating, incorporating all knowledge of mission

Per tour:

  1. Attempt to connect missions to each other -- see if they flow logically -- write notes for later comprehensive review
  2. Review, and compile them into an overall tour rating