Ta-Re Djo

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Member Profile
Ta'Ré Djo
Career Information
Callsign Spitfire
Full RS Name Ta'Ré Djo or Tá'Ré Djo
A.K.A. Ray
Rank Colonel
Join December 1st, 2000
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Current Offices
  • RS Assistant Recruiting Officer
  • RS TIE Fighter Undergrad Instructor
Current Command Positions
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Dathomir
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 24
Height 5' 3"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Long Island, NY
Age 25

A member of the Rebel Squadrons, currently serving as a pilot and officer in Red Squadron. Ta'Ré Djo served in Grey Squadron as Grey 6 in Tour 5. She came out of reserve status in August 31st, 2009.



Hair: long, firey red, usually down or in a pony-tale; on "off time" likes to create interesting new designs…

Eye color: green with reddishbrown flecks

Height: 5 foot 3

Weight: 125 lbs

Age: 24

Homeworld: Dathomir

Political Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Weapons of choice: 6" blade Vibroblade with a 5" handle (Styrka) that straps to thigh; staff (Kuri)

Vehicle of choice: Rancor (Türelem), a-wing, tie interceptor

Hobbies: hunting, climbing, flying, target practice (using politicians' holographs as the targets)

Intrigued by: bubbles; Tesserak; Tacomah's "La"; Castor's sense of humor

Pet Peeves: rudeness; the act of helplessness; the term "little girl"; people who consistently argue over irrelevant things; bugs; sand; split ends

Being born into the Singing Mountain Clan in the jungles of Dathomir was interesting. For one thing, my family studied witchcraft, by tradition. Not everyone in the clan had the gift, but my parents both had it and everyone expected great things out of me. I was trained to use witchcraft from the day I was born. "It's part of your blood. It's who you are," they would tell me. When I just didn't understand it, I turned out to be such a disappointment to everyone, but our Clan Mother, Augwynne Djo, most of all.

The Laws we lived by were easy enough to understand.

Daughters of Allya.
Learn these words and learn them well, for they are the foundations that will increase your strength and keep you safe from harm.
Those who suffer emotion will never enjoy peace.
Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness.
Those who yield to passion will fail to dominate.
Those who fear death will never achieve pure power.
Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely.
Never concede to evil, lest you be consumed by it.

Maybe they thought I was choosing ignorance that upset them the most, as I could only actually grasp a few of the many spells I was taught. Its not that I meant to choose ignorance, I just needed a different form of teaching. Its not that I found it boring, I was just so bad at it that I was completely put off by the mere thought of it.

To think that I had to get stuck with a life of constant disappointment was unbearable. I avoided my family as much as possible and often went into the jungle alone to see what I could hunt. My cousin, Teneniel, was the only person who I did not disappoint. She was around the same age as me, and understood that some people are slower learners then others. She studied with me and helped to teach me some the lessons that I could actually hold on to.

Some of the spells that I could perform at will were practically second nature to me, and were probably the reason I am such a great hunter. I could detect the presence of other beings, I could sense the ebb and flow of the tides, I could understand beast-language and read the emotional differences between grunts and growls, I could interpret and speak foreign languages and communicate with animals, and I could cast spells to make me jump higher, hear better, or run faster for a little while… basically, a bug couldn't fly within twenty meters of me in the middle of the jungle without me knowing that it was there... and being perfectly able to catch it; and I hate bugs.

Other skills that I learned were basically common sense survival skills like hunting, fighting, surviving, and climbing. I was taught remain calm and not to panic when placed in a serious situation. I was taught to be tough and to take the upper hand of the situation.

Anyway, the jungle can be perilous when you are teenager, but it can also be a lot of fun. My version of a sugar rush was running and hunting with the other predators and putting myself in unnecessary danger, which to be fair, is typically normal of my people. Even that itself was part of the problem because after a while I got bored. Hunting wasn't fun anymore. There are only so many times you can go out hunting without actually killing anything, and I didn't want to do that either. I would make tags for each animal so that I would know if I had already hunted and trapped that particular animal already . . . and there are only so many times you can catch the same rancor. That's what happens. You catch the same rancor 65 times and pretty soon it gets to be comfortable with you as a person and it doesn't leave you alone. Then you have to go through all the trouble of taking care of it, and naming it "Türelem". The only thing that I had not successfully manage to capture was a husband - though I was not really trying as I was not really ready to settle down.

One day, when I decided to take Türelem for a "walk," we found a man that looked very lost and confused. I noticed him long before he knew I was there. I left Türe hidden in the trees, threw him a treat, and told him that he was to stay hidden, silent, and was not to attack anything while I checked things out. I jumped from his back into the trees and silently made my way towards the man. From my perch in the tree I could see that he had a starship. This is my chance!!

I circled around him, silently, high in the trees for a short while, trying to determine what exactly he was doing. He seemed to be trying to put his ship back together. I thought for a minute, weighing my options, trying to decide how best to get what I wanted. He seemed to be unarmed and unsuspecting of human presence. I quickly and silently dropped down behind him, swung Kuri up in front of him with my right hand and caught it with my left hand, pressing it to his throat.

"My name is Ta'Ré Djo. I have been studying you for a short while. You have three choices, Sir," I said to him calmly. "The first, and one I might recommend strongly, is that you let me help you fix up your ship and you take me off this planet. The second choice is that I kill you here and now for being caught on my families land. The third option is that I enslave you and turn you into my husband. I personally don't feel that I am old enough for this and as you seem to not be force sensitive I would be really unhappy and would NOT make it pleasant. Think about it for a minute before you answer, as I will NOT let you reconsider."

He held up his hands to show me that he had no weapons. "I am unarmed Miss Djo. Could you please release my throat? My ship is broken and I would like to speak to you properly, face to face. As I am sure you could kill me if I try to run, I am sure that, at least, should be acceptable."

I could feel eye's watching me in the distance of the jungle from the spot where I had left Türelem. I let out a long shrill whistle and he ran up behind me. I held my hand up for him to stop. I released the man but cautioned him, "This is Türelem. If you hurt me, he will eat you. If you run, he will eat you." I dropped my staff from his throat and backed up three paces towards the safety of Türelem's arms.

He turned around to face me properly. "My name is Darien Noroton. This is my ship, the Mianous. What is your reason for wanting to leave this planet? Are you criminal?"

"No, Sir. I am not criminal. I am descendant of Jedi. I need to get out of here because I can not take disappointing my family further with my lack of most proper abilities."

"Jedi," he questioned. "Are you really?"


"As I seem to be out of options, I will accept the first choice and take you out of here. You might even be able to help me a little bit. I give you my word of honor that if you help me fix the Mianous here, I will take you with me and I will not harm you."

I helped him fix up his ship, and in less then a week, we were ready to go. He waited patiently for me to say goodbye to my family. They understood why I needed to leave and wished me luck. I brought only a few things with me and only because I thought that they might be worth something somewhere else. Not that I had anything of value... I just didn't want to get stuck in a situation where I had nothing to trade.

Türelem gave me one last ride back to the clearing in the jungle where Darien and the Mianous was waiting for me. I gave him a kiss on the head and said, "Well old friend, this is goodbye. I'm leaving. You know I can't stand it here anymore. Aw; don't look at me like that. You know I love you. Go back to my mother. She will take care of you until I return. I will come back for you, I promise." He gave me a look of great sadness, but let me know that he understood.

I was seventeen when we left. We had plenty to talk about. He was very interested in my culture and seemed disappointed when I could not demonstrate most of the spells of my people. I did allow him to blindfold me and try to attack me to show him that I could actually sense where people/creatures were without having to look at them.

He determined that I was a brilliant fighter, and decided to teach me how to fly. I made a decent pilot, I thought. Apparently he thought so as well, because he mentioned that he was the Captain of a supply ship for the Rebel Alliance and he thought that they might be able to use my skills. I thought about this for a while and decided to give it a go. This is going to be great! Nothing monotonous! Every situation is different. I get to meet new people. Fantastic! I can't wait!

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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