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This is Dave Trebonious-Astoris's Notepad. Nothing seen here should be considered official.

Greeop Defense Force storyline planning

This is notes for the fictional storyline of the Greeop Defense Force.


What characters will be available in the Greeop storyline?

Unavailable Characters

Available Characters

Tentative Provisional Council


As determined in conjunction with Vaughan, the GDF (Greeop Defense Force) will initially comprise only four capital ships:

Fighter Squadrons?

It seems necessary for the GDF to have dedicated fighter support. GDF must have at least 2 fighter squadrons. Axe Squadron, which fictionally is the squadron permanently attached to the Peril can be one, the other should perhaps be an all-NPC Grey Squadron. If necessary, introduce third squadron for the loan of a STRK in VSG104.

To Do

In general, there are several things that I would like to accomplish over the next few weeks.

  • Come up with mechanism for scoring and moderating ORW3.
  • See ORW3 to successful start.
  • Produce infoboxes on wiki entries for all main characters involved in RS-wide narratives.
  • Produce wiki entries for all capital ships mentioned in FC narratives.
  • Create FC Narrative wiki entry that contains general background and dramatis personae.
  • Create Order of Battle wiki framework (probably as a category with sub-cats for SSF, GDF, and Minos/PBF).