CEC DP-20 Gunship
Production information
Class DP-20 Gunship
Technical specifications
Length 120 meters
Width 48.6 meters
Height/depth 32.6 meters
Maximum acceleration 2,100 g
Maximum speed (space) 20 mglt
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 1000 km/h
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 16
Shielding 416 SBD
Hull 176 RU

  • Heavy dual turbolaser cannons (8)
  • Quad laser cannons (6)
  • Concussion missile launchers (4)
    • 30 concussion missiles each, standard load

  • Crew (91)
    • General Crew (45)
    • Gunners (46)
Minimum crew 10
Passengers none
Cargo capacity 300 metric tons
Consumables 8 months

  • Corvette
  • Capital gunship
  • Anti-Starfighter Defense
Earliest sighting IBG 201
Destroyed 44:3:21
Present for battles/events

  • IBG 201
  • IBG 207
  • IBG 208
  • IBG 209
  • IBG 301
  • IBG 302
  • IBG 303
  • IBG 304
  • IBG 305
  • IBG 401
  • IBG 402
  • IBG 403
  • IBG 404
  • IBG 406
  • IBG 407
  • IBG 408
  • IBG 504
  • IBG 601
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons

The Nova was a Republic Shield CEC DP-20 Gunship that served as the escort of the Redemption in the Subterrel Strike Force before being destroyed on 44:3:21.


Part of Republic Shield task force relocated to the intended site of a new base in the Cadrel Expanse. Encountered Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Glady near a white planet (#19), which seemed to be escorting an Imperial convoy. Part of Republic Shield forces that assaulted the Imperial forces, leading to the destruction of the convoy’s escorts, and the capture of the Imperial freight vessels. (IBG201)

Stationed at New Trassk Base while Republic Shield forces led by the Dreadnaught Resurrection reinforced Republic Shield forces led by the Interdictor Chains of Justice in an operation to destroy the Victory Star Destroyer Dark Menace. (IBG207)

Reinforced Republic Shield forces already defending the Star Destroyer Prometheus from an Imperial reconnaissance and attack force led by the Modified Frigate Strider. Engaged Imperial forced, aiding in forcing the Strider to withdraw from the engagement, destroying all remaining Imperial craft. (IBG208)

Stationed at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield reconnaissance mission through surrounding areas, which resulted in an Imperial ambush just outside the Osiris Sector. (IBG209)

Stationed at New Trassk Base during the data transfer operation from the shuttle Tru'lak to the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Defended against an attack on the Tru'lak by Rolian Fanatics, and allowed to the transfer to be completed successfully. (IBG301)

Part of Republic Shield forces who oversaw and safeguarded the evacuation of Rolian evacuees from a doomed aqua planet (#12) orbiting a star about to go supernova (#11). Defended against Rolian Fanatics who attempted to thwart the evacuation operation, due to zealous religious beliefs about the necessity for all Rolian people to die with their star. (IBG302)

Helped in the evacuation efforts of the Rolian system while also leading defensive measures in the region, when Republic Shield forces led the first wave of evacuation craft out of the system. (IBG303)

Joint-led Republic Shield forces with the gunships Daunter, Daze, and Bayonet in flanking Rolian Fanatics forces that followed the main Republic Shield fleet along with the evacuating convoy further out from the Rolian system. The main Republic Shield force led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist created a defensive perimeter around the evacuation vessels, while the flanking Republic Shield forces defeated the attacking Rolian Fanatics force, led by the Bulk Cruiser Sekhmet. (IBG304)

Present at the fleet buildup in the Vectain system during the Imperial massacre of a supply convoy en route, led by the Star Destroyer Thunderous possibly tipped off by Rolian Fanatics. (IBG305)

Possibly en route to New Trassk Base after safely delivering the Rolian refugees to their new permanent home during a Republic Shield simulation that featured this vessel. During the simulation of an attack on New Trassk Base, the vessel was featured as part of the fleet buildup near a yellow and grey gas planet (#38) and a blue and black gas planet (#34) while en route to the station while Republic Shield forces travelled ahead to arrive home early. (IBG401)

Present at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield rescue mission to reclaim captured convoy craft who had fallen under Imperial attack. Present when the convoy arrived safely at New Trassk Base. (IBG402)

Present at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield investigation operation searching for the point of origin of the Imperial Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, headed by the assault transport Nightwolf. Present when the Nightwolf returned to New Trassk Base to report its findings. (IBG403)

Stationed at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield investigation of suspected Imperial mining facility Mine 12XFT-3, led by the Assault Frigate Chiin'tal. (IBG404)

Present at New Trassk Base during Republic Shield reconnaissance mission, led by the Dreadnaught Resurrection. The mission was a success, with Imperial forces discovered in all surrounding sectors; however the Resurrection was lost in an Imperial ambush. (IBG406)

Stationed at New Trassk Base while waiting for Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Assault Frigate Chiin'tal. The Strike Cruiser Dragon's Fire led reinforcements to the system instead of the Chiin’tal, and moments later the imminent Imperial attack force arrived. The task force, led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent, entered the system and launched forces in an attack on Republic Shield forces in the area. Republic Shield forces clashed with the attacking Imperial forces, and succeeded in thinning out the Imperial starfighter cover. Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Modified Frigate Celestial Fury arrived to contribute to the system’s defences, in preparation for the primary assault that the Imperial forces were moments away from delivering. (IBG407)

Part of the main defensive force protecting New Trassk Base from Imperial strike force led by the Star Destroyer Belligerent. Participated in the defences during the battle, which were co-ordinated and led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Protectively flanked the Strike Cruiser Dragon’s Fire, along with the gunship Bayonet. After an extensive battle the Imperial attack line was broken, allowing the separated capital ships to be picked off easier. The destruction of the Belligerent heralded the defeat of the attack force, and the Imperial forces attempted to withdraw. The majority of the Imperial attack forces were destroyed, the only exception being the Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, which managed to escape with extensive damage. (IBG408)

Stationed at the Republic Shield fleet buildup while a task force investigated the location of a suspected Imperial outpost. The task force made contact with Imperial forces, reinforced by the Star Destroyer Parallax, and so Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Strike Cruiser Dragon’s Fire left the buildup to directly engage the Star Destroyer. The reinforcements soon returned to the buildup extremely battered while other elements continued to raze the Imperial outpost and defending forces. (IBG504)

Present at the Republic Shield staging area near a blue gas planet (#7) during Republic Shield operation to defend a neutral colony near the white ice planet (#39) Centrino III from attacks by pirate raiding forces. Present when Republic Shield forces returned to the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga. (IBG601)


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