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MC80a Star Cruiser
Production information
Class MC80a Star Cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 1200 meters
Maximum speed (space) 60 mglt
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 8
Shielding 3,840 SBD (+1,920 Backup SBD)
Hull 2128 RU
Countermeasures Frei-Tek CL-3 Cluster Traps (Anti-Starfighter Weapon)
  • Taim & Bak XV9 Turbolaser Batteries (48)
  • ArMek SW-7 Ion Cannon Batteries (20)
  • Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors (6)
  • Crew (5,402)
    • Officers (668)
    • Enlisted (4,488)
    • Gunners (246)
Minimum crew 1,230
Passengers 1,200 troops
Cargo capacity 20,000 metric tons
Consumables 2 years
  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
  • Destroyer
Earliest sighting PBF 211
Present for battles/events
  • PBF 211
  • PBF 212
  • PBF 306
  • IBG 105
  • IBG 106
  • IBG 107
  • PBF 312
  • IBG 108
  • IBG 109
  • IBG 110
  • IBG 111
  • IBG 112
  • PBF 410
  • PBF 412
  • PBF 501
  • PBF 509
  • PBF 510
  • PBF 511
  • PBF 512
  • PBF 601
  • PBF 604
  • PBF 607
  • PBF 608
  • PBF 609
  • PBF 610
  • PBF 611
  • PBF 612
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
Known crewmembers
Known commander(s)

The McGrath is a Republic Shield Mon Calamari MC80a Star Cruiser that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force.


PBF 211

Co-ordinated Republic Shield forces in defence of the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, which had been disabled by an experimental weapon by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Darkstar. The vessel oversaw the defence of the Windstorm as it underwent repairs during an Imperial assault on the Frigate Echo Hawk, which was thwarted by Republic Shield forces.

PBF 212

Co-ordinated Republic Shield forces in area defence where the Calamari Cruiser Valour lay adrift after sustaining heavy damage in battle with Imperial forces, and where the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm was undergoing final repairs to bring it back to combat readiness. Led Republic Shield forces in defence of the Windstorm as the Star Destroyer Darkstar delivered Imperial forces to the combat zone, micro-jumping to launch attack forces from more than one vector. Republic Shield forces successfully repulsed the Imperial forces, and the Darkstar withdrew from the combat zone as the Windstorm finished receiving a replacement hyperdrive from the transport Spry, which it then used to leave the combat zone.

PBF 306

Led Republic Shield assault force against freighters attempting to resupply the Star Destroyer Kunder's Glory with weapons near a navigation buoy. The resupply vessels were destroyed and the Kunder’s Glory driven out of the combat zone.

IBG 105

Present at the build-up near a cloudy planet (#9) on the edge of a green dust nebula (#66) during a Republic Shield undercover information-retrieval mission by the assault transport Lambda.

IBG 106

Part of the Tarla Strike Force assault against the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Tyrannic and its supporting fleet at an Imperial construction facility near a blue and brown planet (#26) orbiting a white star (#91) on the edge of a blue nebula (#68), led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Engaged enemy capital ships. In the aftermath of the battle, relocated to the rendezvous point near a blue and black gas planet (#34).

IBG 107

Present at the fleet build-up near a cloudy planet (#9) during a Republic Shield recovery mission of a supply convoy, which was in the process of being captured by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Sustainer before the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist’s forces disabled and captured the Star Destroyer, and rescued the convoy.

PBF 312

Led Republic Shield ambush of Imperial forces. Escorted the Frigate Rebel Vengeance, which an Imperial task force led by the Star Destroyer Berserker had been trailing doggedly since its capture from Imperial shipyards by Republic Shield forces. Engaged Imperial forces from the Star Destroyer Berserker and the Frigate Ravager II, and helped destroy both vessels and their accompanying starfighters. Then proceeded to lead Republic Shield forces out of the system.

IBG 108

Present at the fleet build-up near a blue and brown planet (#46) and a blue nebula (#68) during Republic Shield assault on the Jardal pirate base.

IBG 109

Present at the build-up near a murky orange planet (#33) orbiting a white star with blue halo (#90) during a failed supply raid by Republic Shield forces that were lured into an Imperial trap by survivors of the Jardal pirates, who escaped during the battle.

IBG 110

Rendezvoused with the Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra’s task force near a blue and white planet (#36) orbiting an old white star (#85), after the last of the Imperial outposts barring the way to the planet Tarla Minor and its shipyards were destroyed.

IBG 111

Part of the Tarla Strike Force led by the Star Destroyer Redemption. Fought in the Battle of Tarla Minor, destroying the Tarla Minor Shipyards and ensuring New Republic dominance of the system.

IBG 112

Stationed at the fleet build-up near the planet Tarla Minor while Republic Shield reconnaissance forces attempted to locate the escaped Super Star Destroyer Patriarch. A number of locations were scouted, including a zone near a red nebula (#73) and a cloudy planet (#9), but the Patriarch was finally located at a TIE Defender manufacturing facility near a purple planet (#52) orbiting a blue star (#89). Moved with the entire fleet to that location to begin the assault on the Super Star Destroyer. The Interdictor Senate prevented Imperial forces from evading the onslaught, as the rest of the fleet moved in. The Imperial forces had formed into layers of defence around the Patriarch, with outer perimeter forces covering the inner defences, which in turn covered the Super Star Destroyer. Provided area support, backing up the Star Destroyer Redemption, while other elements of the fleet pushed in close enough to bombard and destroy the Patriarch directly.

PBF 410

Part of attack force led by the Calamari Cruiser Valour on White Guard main fleet in the Enomea Rim. Moved into position between the White Guard command ship, the Star Destroyer Tempest, and its support ship, the Calamari Cruiser White Dragon, to help draw fire away from the commando force aboard the transport Katarn which boarded and captured the damaged White Guard Frigate Minotaur. Took quite a beating in the encounter, but Republic Shield forces won the day, destroying the two primary White Guard vessels, the Tempest and the White Dragon, as well as capturing the Frigate Minotaur.

PBF 412

Arrived to reinforce Republic Shield forces led by the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, who had fallen under attack by White Guard forces led by the Frigates Staves and Flasks. Defended the shuttle Errata, which carried Colonel Phalon, which entered the Windstorm’s hangar bay. The arrival of the vessel aided Republic Shield forces in the destruction of the attacking frigates.

PBF 501

Stationed in friendly space after campaigning in Imperial and White Guard territory. Launched the landing craft Freedom, carrying Colonel Earthkeeper, to enter the hangar bay of the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm.

PBF 509

Headed from the edge of the Anshife system to a recently discovered warhead facility, defended by the Frigate Guardian. Led Republic Shield forces in overwhelming the defending forces while commandos on the transport group Katarn launched from the vessel and boarded the facility to liberate a shipment of torpedoes. Republic Shield forces defended the transport group Katarn as they boarded the Off Load facility and retrieved the warheads, until they returned to the vessel’s hangar. Then proceeded to lead Republic Shield forces in laying waste to the warhead facility.

PBF 510

Prepared to withdraw from the Anshife system with a massive load of liberated proton torpedoes, which filled both the armoury and the auxiliary armoury. Was proceeding to the hyperpoint while the Calamari Cruiser Valour awaited the arrival of the Windstorm in the Yuen Lon system.

PBF 511

Discovered the illegal weapons factory on the edge of the Anshife system, built into a Calamari Cruiser, which is how it had been evading Republic Shield search efforts in the Cadrel Expanse. Led forces in a capture operation of the factory, while fending off Imperial forces led by the Frigate Hyperion, which were attempting to prevent the factory from being captured. The Frigate Crimson Ghost reinforced Republic Shield forces, covering the transport group Katarn while they launched from the Calamari Cruiser and attempted to capture the factory. Imperial reinforcements led by the Frigate Triumphant renewed Imperial efforts to prevent the capture of the mobile factory, but Republic Shield forces held the Imperial attackers at bay long enough for the transports to board and capture the factory, and then escape into hyperspace. The Calamari Cruiser Valour finally arrived to reinforce Republic Shield forces, and completely secure the area, destroying the remaining Imperial presence in the combat zone.

PBF 512

Travelled to a rendezvous point where the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm was waiting for the mobile weapon factory and the Calamari Cruiser to arrive. However, Imperial forces staged a last-ditch effort led by the Frigate Quicksilver and backed up by the Frigate Vulcan to prevent Republic Shield forces removing the mobile weapon factory from the Cadrel Expanse. Imperial forces concentrated firepower on the Republic Shield resistance, but the vessel finally arrived, reinforcing the defending forces, and shattering the attack force. Aided Republic Shield forces in destroying the remaining Imperial ships, and then proceeded out of the Cadrel Expanse.

PBF 601

While travelling back to the Greeop Sector Imperial transmissions were intercepted by the vessel. Launched reconnaissance force to scan the origin of the transmissions and knock out any communication satellites in the area.

PBF 604

Received orders to rendezvous with the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, which had just escaped from an ambush in an asteroid field. However, the Windstorm’s hyperdrive failed, so it is unlikely that the ship made it to the rendezvous point with the vessel.

PBF 607

Led Republic Shield ambush against the Frigate Enigma, which had been lured into a hyperspace trap in an asteroid field by the corvette Warden, which had surrendered and allowed itself to be disabled in its role as bait. Led forces against the Enigma, directly engaging it. Launched a repair crew aboard the transport Hawk to restore the Warden’s power systems, while Republic Shield forces engaged the Enigma and its defending Imperial forces. While Republic Shield forces beat the Enigma into submission, Imperial reinforcements led by the Star Destroyer Battleking and backed up by the Frigate Quickdraw arrived to hammer the vessel in turn. The Enigma fell, but Imperial forces bombarded the vessel, with the transport group Kappa launching from the Battleking in an attempt to disable it. However Republic Shield forces were able to abate the Imperial attack, sparing the vessel from destruction or capture. Imperial forces eventually withdrew from the asteroid field. The transport Hawk finished repairs, and the corvette Warden was able to also leave the combat zone.

PBF 608

Arrived early at a rendezvous point with the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, where Imperial forces led by the Frigate Dark Blade were prepared for an ambush. Imperial forces attempted to destroy the vessel, which still lacked defensive shields, but the vessel led Republic Shield forces against the supporting corvettes, stripping the Dark Blade of its escorts. The Calamari Cruiser Windstorm arrived to reinforce the vessel, and Patriot Battle Group forces concentrated firepower on the Imperial frigate, ending in its destruction.

PBF 609

After some extensive repairs, the vessel was restored to combat readiness. Led Republic Shield forces in an armed reconnaissance of an Imperial fleet build-up, with objectives of dispersing the meeting between the Star Destroyers Battleking and Arcanus. While Republic Shield forces harassed the Star Destroyers with scanners, the corvettes Attrition I and Attrition II moved to intercept the vessel. At this point the vessel discovered that weapons systems were still offline. Received a pounding from the corvettes Attrition I and Attrition II, which the vessel could only receive and attempt to evade. Republic Shield reconnaissance forces succeeded in driving the Star Destroyers off. Attempted to pursue the Star Destroyer Battleking, but the patrolling corvettes prevented pursuit. Republic Shield forces mopped up the remaining Imperial forces, and devastated the corvettes Attrition I and Attrition II. Withdrew from the engagement zone to await the return of Republic Shield forces.

PBF 610

Upon receiving word of a spy to be soon breaking cover to deliver a report to the vessel, and suspecting Imperial deception, the vessel was made to look more badly damaged than it truly was. Repair efforts went in tandem with simulated cosmetic battle damage in preparation for the arrival of the suspected Imperial spies posing as New Republic Intelligence agents. Launched Republic Shield escort forces which protected the shuttle Warren as it entered the area and began its run to the vessel’s hangar bay. Imperial forces led by the Frigate Wraith soon followed and launched an interception mission against the shuttle. Republic Shield forces destroyed the attacking forces, and goaded the frigate into directly engaging the vessel, which was pretending to be more damaged than it truly was. Received the shuttle Warren and then directly engaged the Imperial frigate, unleashing its operational weapons systems onto the Wraith. Republic Shield forces aided in the destruction of the Frigate Wraith, securing the area and preventing the escape of any Imperial forces.

PBF 611

Circumvented the attempts of an Imperial slicer onboard the shuttle Warren, by feeding the operative false and exaggerated information about the vessel’s combat status. The vessel’s systems probed the Warren’s databanks in turn, yielding information pertinent to the status and location of the Star Destroyer Battleking. Once the spies aboard the shuttle Warren seemed satisfied with the data they had collected, the vessel launched the shuttle, along with Republic Shield forces to escort the Warren to its hyperspace point. However, White Guard forces entered the area and attempted to prevent the Warren from escaping. The vessel led Republic Shield forces against the pirate invaders, beating back the attackers and allowing the Imperial spies to escape with the fraudulent information. Drove Republic Shield forces against the incursive White Guard forces, which struck at the corvette Spectre that monitored the combat zone with a cargo of equipment stolen from a nearby depot. Republic Shield forces succeeded in driving the vessel off, forcing it to dump its stolen cargo. Republic Shield forces then finished off the remaining White Guard forces, destroying the corvette Spectre before it could escape from the combat zone. Launched the transport Reliant, which collected the cargo dumped by White Guard forces, and brought it back onboard the vessel.

PBF 612

Rendezvoused with the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm in preparation for the final assault against the Star Destroyer Battleking. Having derived the location of the Battleking from the shuttle Warren’s computer systems, the Republic Shield task force prepared for an engagement with the Star Destroyer. However, Imperial forces managed to locate the McGrath’s task force before they could strike, so Republic Shield forces were forced to fight the Imperial task force at the Battleking’s commander’s time of choosing. Using the recaptured starfighters secured by the transport Reliant, the vessel along with the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm launched Republic Shield forces to engage the Imperial task force. The vessel led Republic Shield forces against the Star Destroyer Battleking and its escorting frigates and corvettes. Imperial forces led by the Battleking lashed the vessel’s force, but the vessel drove Republic Shield forces against the attack force. As the vessel started to take serious damage to shield systems, to the vessel withdrew with the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm from the combat zone, raking the enemy command ships with fire as it went. Withdrew from the combat zone as the Imperial force was beginning to break, and awaited the return of Republic Shield forces as they finished off the Frigates Maelstrom and Phantasm, the corvettes Attrition III and Razorwire, and put a final end to the Star Destroyer Battleking’s marauding campaign. After Republic Shield forces returned to the vessel triumphant, the task force set a course for the planet Tarsonis. (PBF612)


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